Nix Tann & Associates
Realtor® since 1977, Nix Tann has the distinction of being a traditional, family-owned & operated, personal service real estate brokerage in a fast-paced industry increasingly shaped by national chain affiliates, self-service & web-based brokers.

McDade’s Market
Family owned by Greg and Kathy McDade since 1996, McDade’s is your neighborhood grocery: Maywood Mart/Northside, McDade’s Wine & Spirits, Fondren/Woodland Hills, Belhaven/Fortification, Westland Plaza/Robinson and now… Yazoo City!

Find It In Fondren
Find It In Fondren™ is the magazine and daily info source serving Fondren. Launched in the fall of 2010, Find It In Fondren has grown to become a powerful voice for local businesses, events, and information.

Fondren Renaissance Foundation
“Fondren Renaissance Foundation promotes the preservation and revitalization of the greater Fondren community and empowers people, organizations, and neighborhoods to contribute to the economic growth, stability and quality of life in Fondren,” serves as a guideline for the many projects and events that are offered to the Fondren neighborhood and, in turn, to the greater Jackson community.
Fondren Renaissance is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and is fully supported by contributions from Fondren residents, businesses, corporate donors and other friends interested in the community.

OurFondren Neighborhood Association
OFNA is dedicated to the residential neighborhood’s common goals of beautification, code enforcement, crime, and communication. OFNA works collaboratively with other neighborhood organizations and the City to move the Fondren district positively forward ensuring growth and unity.