BNA Board Meeting Minutes

BNA Meeting Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Attendees: Cookie Leffler, Linden Potts, Barbara Park, Dierdre Danahar, Maureen Smith

• Soup: Sale Jan. 28. 9 a.m.-1 p.m.
Dierdre will order containers.
Maureen will contact last year’s  donors to see if they will re-up…

Veggie taco- Linden
Turnip and sausage- Cookie
Tomato- Barbara
Spinach soup- Barbara
Loaded Potato- Maureen
Broccoli Cheese- Maureen
Duck gumbo- Chuck and Joe
Black Bean- Beth and Dan
Chicken noodle– Dan and Beth
Carrot Ginger- Dierde
Indian spice Lentil- Dierdre
Chicken Tortilla- Wade

Catherine Lee???
Chuck Reynolds???
Jake and Rachel??
Liz (Dierdre will ask)

• Crawfish Boil: April 22 (Earth Day)

There is roughly $600 in the bank

Wade got notice of a zoning variance at Maywood Mart  Looks like it is for parking only. Hearing is Jan 25 at Hood bldg if anyone is concerned. The board feels it’s probably fine.

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